About me ita eng


She’s a figurative artist , a new, visual, counter-current and experimental artist, considered  a Dark artist  by  the critic, for her style  painting.

She utilizes oil colour.
 She’s also Sculptor of argil, clay and every basic-materials modelable and she has a specific interest to the historic period of Cubism and Expressionism.  She awarded a diploma to the High School in Rome, she entered at the University, and  than she became journalist.

The revolution, that she proposes, consists in the evolution of colours’ form, keeping in touch with free expressions of impressions really aesthetics, loosed of  the ethereal, directed to the senses that open limits, and she summarizes it on papers or canvas by the  oil colour, without chance, or with the creation of the sculptures.

- Art is reaction – it’s her positive point of view about the art, the basic physic  beastly, and primordial teory, that standing in front her artist creation, become moving and both a solution.

The critics interpretations about her work ‘method, place her paintings works close  the art of E. Schiele, M.Chagall, P. Picasso, F. Bacon.

International critic and press, have just written about her. The artist has already taken part in the exhibitions at Royal Opera Arcade of London, MOYA of Wien, Complesso Dioscuri al Quirinale of Rome, Sala santa Rita of Rome.